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Our Mission

There is a dire need for corporations and businesses alike to take on greater corporate social responsibility for the underprivileged children in Kenya. Through the combined profits of both Jagannath Growers and Jagannath Tiffins, our hope is to help build a society in which impoverished children have access to basic education and food throughout the country. The core of the model aims to move away from reliance on donations and fundraising, which can be a limiting factor, to a more sustainable, profit-generating business created to aid socio-economic development and poverty alleviation.   

Making a Difference

Welcome to Jagannath Growers. We are primarily a herb farm, nurturing the highest quality produce from the fertile foothills of Mount Kenya.


Having experimented with a wide variety of crops, and with experience along the food chain from farming, transport, running eateries as well as sharing food with Jaganath Food Relief, we know the absolute importance of quality produce.


We are constantly evolving our eclectic approach, stringent quality control standards, and packaging. Thus our exported herbs are fresh and bursting with the flavor we are known for.


Jagannath Grower’s passionate, innovative and demanding style not only infuses our approach to farming but also the importance we place on communication with our partners and team. We are, after all, more than just a business.


Half owned by Jaganath Food Relief (JFR), our charity that feeds over 1200 young Kenyans a day in underprivileged schools across Nairobi, we are also more than our unflinching commitment to the finest produce.


Driven to create the greatest positive imprint on our environment and local communities, we obsess over our choice of locations, crops, the female-centric nature of our teams, our work culture, the efforts to limit water and pesticide usage, and the inclusive and ethical manner in which we choose to run our business.


See for yourself. Get in Touch.

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